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Herbal Salve

A beautiful collection of thoughtfully crafted, plant-based, herbal salves to soothe what ails you.  Each salve is full of carefully selected ingredients such as herbs, essential oils, base oils and butters to support the targeted area and promote wellness for the body, mind and spirit.  From skin support to musculoskeletal support and everything in between, we have a salve to meet your needs in a holistic manner. Like all of our goods, are salves are FREE of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, sulfates or any synthetic colors or fragrances.


Herbal Wraps + Pillows

These beautifully handcrafted Herbal Eye Pillows + Wraps in collaboration with the fabulous Creations by L. Lucas, pair beautifully with our handcrafted Peace On Po Goods for the ultimate in relaxation and self-care. Filled with flax seed and dried lavender, they can be used either warmed or chilled. The covers are removable and washable with amazing fabric prints. Relax the body and find balance. 

-The Eye Pillows measure 4x8 inches.

-The Owie Pillows measure 5x5 inches.

-The Comfort Wraps measure 7.5x25 inches.

-The Skinny Comfort Wraps measure 5x21 inches.