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About Peace On Po + the Creator

About Peace On Po

In the heart of Italy lies the Po River; a powerful and magical spectacle of beauty. On the banks of the Po lush greenery, vibrant wild plants, and soaring trees abound. Not all areas of the river are still like this however; it is has given so much of itself to mankind, leaving behind signs of wear. But the time we spent there was unspoiled, uncomplicated, and represented a peaceful oasis on Earth. Surrounding this natural wonder though is an urban sprawl of buildings, hard top, and the hustle bustle of folks moving through their day. I am a kindred spirit to this stark contrast in place. The desire for a more natural life, using products that come from the bounty of the Earth, and reveling in a wild, uncomplicated space is palpable in my soul. But I needed to do this in a way that also heeded my modern day life of a working, on the go, city dwelling mama.

I started to channel that spirit and merge in the creation of bath and body goods that were earth driven, all-natural, effective for care of the skin and the nurturing of the soul, but still convenient for modern lifestyles. It was about connecting all of that powerful plant magic to modern day scenarios for busy folks.  

About The Creator

Kelsey is the creator behind Peace on Po. She is a modern mama, a free spirit, a lover of all things creative, and is passionate about the power of nature and plant magic! With a holistic mindset, she set about thoughtfully creating artisinal products that were natural alternatives for her family that were safe, effective, and easy to use for busy folks. Truly a hippie at heart, she strives for balance between being rooted in the earth's bounty in a modern, fast paced world.  Peace On Po products work to provide a deeper connection to the natural world, but are convenient for a modern lifestyle. She believes skincare products should not only make your skin feel good, but also strike a chord with your mind, heart, and soul to invoke feeling and good vibes. If Kelsey is not concocting, crafting, and potion making; you can find her with her hubby chasing after her kiddos, embracing the small things, and enjoying the journey!