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From the very start of the creative process at Peace On Po, we have sustainability in mind. Ingredients to packaging, we strive to support earth friendly practices as much as possible. All of our ingredients are sourced from companies that believe in ethical production built on long standing, direct relationships with their producers.

Our packaging is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also eco friendly! Our skin balm tubes are made from 100% paperboard; which is a renewable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable material. The labels that go on the tubes are made from rock and non-toxic resins, so NO TREES! How awesome is that! For our dry salt scrubs and soaking salts, we purposefully selected stand up pouches as our packaging of choice. Why you ask? Well, for several reasons: takes less material to produce, less fuel required for transport, resealable and reusable, no outer packaging required, and BPA free. While they are not recyclable, they have lots of positive features of being eco friendly. 

We do ship in flat rate envelopes and boxes that meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and are recyclable. 

At Peace On Po, we care about lessening our impact on the Earth and showing that through our approach to our products. We believe in in being kind to ourselves, to others, and to nature. Love, light and peace for Mother Earth and her resources!